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About us

Pro Radius Manager is a software developed by a company named "Elit M" for the needs of it's Internet Service Provider "SCWLAN".

We are a company with many years experiance working with wireless and cable technologies through which we established many successefull partnerships.

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Pro Radius Manager is:


Reliable and secure

Pro Radius Manager is a reliable and fully protected closed system.

Complete installation and security settings are pre configured, allowing access strictly through web interface therefore keeping all data in a non accessible backend.



Funcionality is achived through multiple usefull settings, quick user search tool, real time user and NAS parameters display, implemented invoice system and many many other features.



Interface is fully optimised for all modern browsers. It is AJAX based to ensure smooth and real time info update as you work, without constant page refreshes.

For maximum expirience we recomend using Google Chrome browser.


Fast and easy

Intuitive interface design and smart backend solutions make this software fast and easy to use.

Built out of our own experience and for every need, Pro Radius Manager is user organised with accent on most commonly used features, in light of making every day routine a one-click-job.