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Frequently asked questions

  • How to install Pro Radius Manager?

    Pro Radius Manager is a package that contains modified version of Linux operating system as well as all packages needed for the server to operate.

    Installing is fairly simple and can be done is 3 simple steps:

    1. Download ISO image from our downloads page and burn to CD,
    2. Insert burned CD and set your BIOS to read from CD-ROM at startup and
    3. Follow on screen instructions.

  • Do I need Internet access for PRM?

    Pro Radius Manager must have internet access available at all times. During instalation and after. This is important for many things, like:

    - Licence aquairing
    - Update checking
    - In case of support needs to access it...and so on.

  • How do i decide what licence to buy?

    Licences at Pro Radius Manager vary on a price depending on a number of users, NASes, managers and other factors allowed. Determining what licence is most suitable for you depends on the size and a type of your business.

  • How to set up Pro Radius Manager for first use?

    Pro Radius Manager comes with setup panel, which can be accesed after installation by typing servers IP address in you browser.

    From there you can view and set following features:

    - Login account for Set up panel and Pro Radius Manager,
    - View Hard disk and RAM consumption,
    - View and update licence,
    - Set up network interfaces(IP, subnet, gateway, DNS...),
    - Domain name of Pro Radius Manager,
    - Install MySQL database(required in order for Pro Radius Manager to work) and manage existing one,
    - Manage relevant services on server(stop, start, restart network, free radius, mysql...)...and more.

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